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Actor. Writer. Producer. 

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Recent Work. 

Summer 2023: THE PITCH by Hamp House Productions, written and directed by Stan Freeman

Fall 2023: COOSJE by No.11 Productions, dir. Ryan Emmons Off-Broadway at 59e59 Theaters

YE BEAR & YE CUBB by No.11 Productions, dir. Ryan Emmons 

Off-Broadway at 59e59 Theaters 

SLEEPYHEAD by Ilias Pictures, written and directed by James Hilger

Steven’s award winning series 18 GRAND can be streamed online for free.

Check out the trailer here.

Watch the full series on FOOTPRINT TV here.

Logline: During a 70-day bed rest study for the American Center for Martian Exploration, two neighboring participants experience all the highs and lows of friendship without even having to sit upright.


AMC's Turn: Washington's Spies. BDO National Commercial.
The Key of Awesome. 18 Grand. AMC's Turn: Washington's Spies.

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